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Voccii Consumer Panel


Thank you for your interest in Voccii's panel.

Here's how it works:

As specific project opportunities arise, we reach out to see if you are interested in participating. Most of these opportunities will be online surveys that you can do at home. When you complete these surveys, you will have the opportunity to register for a random drawing for Visa gift cards (amounts will vary) or everyone may receive a $5 gift card for participating. In larger studies, it may be the first 200 or 300 people to respond that receive the gift card. Other types of projects (product tests or focus groups, for example) will have other types of incentives for participation (amounts will vary). 

Typically, we contact our panel members on a quarterly basis or less, so we try not to clog up your email with too many requests. Our online surveys typically require less than 15 minutes to complete. Other types of projects will vary.  

In order to add you to our database, we have a few questions for you. This information will be kept strictly confidential and is never shared with clients or third parties. If you have any questions about how Voccii manages your personal information, please click on the links below to view our “Privacy Policy" and "Voccii Research Respondent Terms and Conditions" on our website. 

When you complete the short survey and select to join, you will automatically be added to Voccii's panel. 

Privacy Policy

Respondent Terms and Conditions